• Choose Meals with Confidence

    “Just tell me what to eat to make it go away.” These are common words heard during a consultation at Nutrition Advancement. This comment can be about chronic constipation, diarrhea, migraines, headaches, fatigue or anxiety. Many people with inflammation have tried changing their diet and still feel bad. They may buy organic natural foods and… [Continue Reading]

    Choose Meals with Confidence
  • Can Nutrition Advancement Help Me?

    Yes! Nutrition Advancement has helped many people over the years with inflammation-related health issues and it can help you too. If you’re tired of trying different medications or health professionals for your health issues contact us today for an assessment. During your assessment you’ll be screened for inflammation and given feedback on if your symptoms… [Continue Reading]

    Can Nutrition Advancement Help Me?
  • Do I Have Leaky Gut?

    Leaky gut is diagnosed by a primary health provider. It is a combination of symptoms that often include fatigue, headaches and digestive issues. Leaky gut refers to the lining of the small intestine. The lining of the small intestine in a healthy person has tiny holes to absorb food once it has been broken down.… [Continue Reading]

    Do I Have Leaky Gut?
  • What are Food Sensitivities?

    Food sensitivities are sometimes termed delayed food allergies. This is because they produce symptoms 45 minutes to 3 days after eating the offending food. Food sensitivities produce the same inflammation as food allergies or environmental allergies but over a longer period of time. Most people dealing with food sensitivity issues may have 20 foods and… [Continue Reading]

    What are Food Sensitivities?
  • What is Inflammation?

    Inflammation is the body’s response to fixing an injury. When a child falls and scrapes his or her knee it is the inflammation that stops the bleeding. When we’re diabetic and we have high blood sugar it makes little cuts in our arteries. Our body responds by releasing inflammation and clotting those little cuts to… [Continue Reading]

    What is Inflammation?
  • Hope for Health Through Healing

    Nutrition is the foundation of health. It determines our mental capacity for learning, regulates our mood, and provides us with sufficient energy and rest. Although it is the foundation of health for most, it can be the last stop for intervention. Many of the clients seen at Nutrition Advancement may have tried everything for their… [Continue Reading]

    Hope for Health Through Healing